Diploma In Digital and Loyalty Marketing

From creative writing to the latest use of social networks and measuring ROI in a Digital Marketing campaign, our students acquire abilities that help them plan, execute and add value to business with Loyalty and Digital Marketing initiatives.

  1. 1
    What you will get

    + Develop high aptitudes to further your professional and personal development, since you’ll be part of a high performance program in which you will work and study full time in a foreign country.

    + Cutting-edge knowledge taught by experts in the Digital Marketing field.

    + A community network of people like you.

    + Acquire an international vision through professional experience in a multinational company located in Miami, FL.

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    Learning Objectives

    + Get to know and implement the different tools needed in a Digital Marketing Campaign.

    + Learn to quantify the result of a marketing strategy and make decisions based on them.

    + Apply cost reduction through a Digital Marketing strategy and the analysis of the ROI of the campaigns.

    + Enhance the probabilites of success in a Marketing campaign by the understanding of your market.

    + Improve the communication stream between a company and the customers, based on the principle of  listening the user.

    + Identify channels of innovations derived from a dialogue with the customer through social media.

Digital Marketing


  • Want to be a marketer? Half artist, half scientist; basic concepts of Media

  • What is Digital Marketing? Lead Generation

  • Strategic Planning Process

  • Situation Analysis, internal and external factors

  • Audience definition: desired behavior, barriers, opportunities, and drivers

  • Creative Writing and Image for Social Media: banners, social ads

  • Story boards and Creative Assets

  • Campaign strategy

  • Media Mix + flow (insight, planning)

  • Campaign vehicles. Reporting and analytics


  • Scenarios, Simulations and Financial Math I

  • Web and Email Technologies, and Marketing Content Production Technologies

  • Collaboration Technologies, Mobile Technologies and Database Technologies

  • Character and Voice Recognition Technologies

  • Benefits Quantification and Cost Evaluation

  • The return on investment on Digital Marketing and Loyalty Program

  • Scenario and Montecarlo Analysis



Taught by senior experts with years of professional experience. 


In strategic companies located in Florida.



(it Doesn't include visa, travelling and living expenses.) 

+ INSCRIPTION AND ADMINISTRATIVE FREE: $2,000 USD - (The internship placement process doesn't start until this fee is covered.) 

+ 2nd PAYMENT: $4,000 USD - December 15, 2014. 

+ ECONOMIC REMUNERATION: $1,300 USD - (This is the average salary that the intern may receive as a monthly payment, as it varies according to the company. Some companies may not offer any remuneration as per their internal policies.) 

“ NOTE: J-1 Visa application and processing costs together with insurance and visitor information system costs and are currently around US 2,100 and are not included in the above investment amount. These costs are paid to an Exchange Visitor Program sponsoring company named Cultural Vistas. The before mentioned amount is not collected by Miami Business Pro Administration and is only referenced here with the purpose to provide a broad estimate of possible incurred costs”