Diploma in Starting New Ventures

From getting the idea, to proving your customer´s needs, to conducting the necessary R&D and innovation to create a product prototype that can be market-tested, to preparing a financial projection, entrepreneurial finance structures and to creating a business plan in order to present to potential investors, our students will experience what it is to create and fund a start-up. Those projects that truly stand out may be funded by the MBP accelerator.



Educational component

(Starts on February 15th, 2015)
$ 6,000 dls (30 % upon application and 70% by January 16th)

It does not include visa, travel and living expenses.


Internship Stipend
Approximately $7,500 dls for a 6 month internship.

Work on a real project in class that can be implemented after the MBP program
Most of our students create new business plans, develop and deploy digital marketing in real companies, work on family business projects, and more!

Return home and find a great job with a very good salary
On return to their home countries, most of our students secure high quality jobs with high profile companies, earning competitive salaries.

The possibility to get accepted into the start-up accelerator

We estimate that 1 in 5 students will obtain approximately $35,000 dls to accelerate a new venture.