Who We Are

The Miami Business Pro ( MBP) was founded in 2010 as a result of thorough thought process developed by a few Latin entrepreneurs upon considering the most common difficulties faced by graduate students after their college or university course as a new work force in the market place.

Today, MBP provides high quality education programs to develop in the student a competitive differential value , combining this academic experience with professional experience in companies of South Florida. Until the summer of 2014 , over 150 students have gone through the ITESM MBP programs. From June 2014, MBP has been open to graduates of any university and any country in the Americas , in order to identify the best talent in the region and promote the creation of new innovative companies.

We count on highly qualified professionals with extensive practical experience in the business environment and international organizations. Our instructors rely on technology and cutting-edge teaching techniques in order to train students in conjunction with a network of continuous learning.

Our Mission is to develop top talent in the Americas and incubate new companies through high quality business programs, internships in leading organizations, and the creation and acceleration of new ventures.

Miami Business Pro
Miami Business Pro


Miami has been growing as a center for entrepreneurial and technical innovation. The city’s unique positioning as the hub for the Americas is attracting investment in entrepreneurial activity from around the United States and the world. MBP seeks to capitalize on this excitement about Miami as a center for business and technical talent. Some of our latest accomplishments are:

+ In March 2014, MBP opened its programs to graduate students from any university and country in the Americas, with the objective of attracting the best talent in the region and promoting the creation of new start-up businesses.

+ In March 2014, MBP partnered with successful talent development organizations and incubators in Latin America in order to improve the talent pool. These include the iLab Veracruz, Fundación CA, and El Nido San Miguel de Allende.

+ In May 2014, MBP made alliances with accelerators (Coral Lab, Maverixlab, SBA, INADEM) to provide a funding platform for top MBP graduates with innovative, scalable business plans. 

+ MBP also partenered with local organizations like: Endeavor Global, eMerge Americas, The Lab Miami and Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship.